How We Came to Be



Personal Enhancement Mobile started as a dream on February 2015 I had were there where people coming towards me angry and upset and circling around me on my right side and living happy and smiling on my left as I woke up I immediately started to pray and asking God whats my purpose here you have given me a life that I always dreamt and prayed for, that very  moment a vision of a mobile barber shop came to mind. I ask God if it’s what he wants me to do that God I want it to be so easy and Lord you know my kind of easy ( LOL). That evening I ran into Jacksonville Arkansas Mayor Gary Fletcher and his wife and told them of my testimony and we cried a little and laughed a lot and he told me that a Mobile Barber Shop would be just what the communities need. I called a friends of mine Ed Askew who owns Personal Enhancement Barber and Beauty Salon and Dennis Haggins a young business owner, Jay Davis a Master Barber  and told them of the idea and they loved it and without hesitation we started ( PEM ) Personal Enhancement Mobile were we would set up a green 10×20 tent with generator and started cutting hair for homeless and low income traveling all over the state of Arkansas. The Arkansas State Barber Board called and asked us to stop cutting hair because it was unsanitary because we didn’t have hot and cold running water and along with other things but loved our mission. On March 11, 2016 we became 501 (c) (3) certified and that same year we became Arkansas first Licensed Mobile Barber Shop serving Senior Citizens, Low Income, People with Disabilities, Homeless and Rural Areas.

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