You wouldn’t have believed me unless I had taken the picture. A homeless guy held this in his hand for days and I asked what do you have there and he opened his hand and there was a blade of grass growing through a stick and he said this grass had to go through some struggles to get through to the light so I know there’s HOPE for me. GOD is so Awesome. The smallest things can be a life lesson. — at Broadway Bridge- NLR.     April 2015


Update August 2016 I was at Kroger in North Little Rock and a guy taps me on the shoulder and it was him. I asked him how he been doing and he went on to tell me about his blessing after we cut his hair. The evening we cut his hair under the bridge that evening he went to Friendly Chapel and got some clothes and went down to the river and took a bath. The next morning he went and filled out applications at restaurants on Broadway and got hired Wendy’s for the first time in years he had a job days later him and his girlfriend moved in with her mom but he wasn’t allowed to stay overnight. So he would continue to sleep by the river and old houses still while working at Wendy’s. He worked there for three months giving every check to his girlfriend for food, rent, and other things all but $20 a pay period. His co-workers told him that Maybelline was hiring.  The next day he caught a ride out to Maybelline and everyone got hire three got hired for day shift and he got hired nights. Now he had a better paying job but no way to get there. He called his girlfriend to tell her the GOOD/BAD news. Getting that type of news she was happy that they had an opportunity to have a better life but she knew they couldn’t afford a car. Later that day she told her mom about him getting the job at Maybelline but his ride got hired on day shift and asked if he could move back in to save some money. The Mother went to her room and returned with an envelope of money and said I’ve kept every dollar you paid me for food and rent so now I’m giving you back your money so you can get a little cash car and he could move back in. Now they’re living in an apartment doing well. God is so awesome!!!!!!